Approaching to our 30th Anniversary, World-link has become an established logistics service provider in Hong Kong. We are pleased to grow with our customers and share our achievements.

Back in 1990, World-link was only a warehousing and transportation services company. Today, World-link has developed into a logistics service provider with over 240 staff, serving the food, wine, electronic components and other industries. World-link appreciates the dedicated efforts of its staff, and would like to thank its customers for their support and trust in the company.

In 1996, to enhance our competiveness, World-link established “World-link Packing House Company Limited” to undertake repacking services. Freights were repacked to satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers. At present, “World-link Packing House Company Limited” has over 100 staff to provide customisation services, such as repacking and labeling services, to our customers.

Opportunity favors the prepared mind. Through our relentless effort and progress, we successfully signed a logistics agreement with a multinational FMCG company in the U.S. Since then, World-link’s business has rapidly developed, which became an important foundation for the company’s future growth.

While the Tsuen Wan Logistics Centre endlessly grows, World-link spares no efforts in expanding its clientele. In 2006, World-link started offering logistics management services to other companies. The first client was an Australian vintner, which used our warehousing services. This vintner focused on the Mainland China market, but had selected the Hong Kong-based World-link as a partner to ensure service quality and reduce operating costs. Today, World-link also provides professional logistics management to restaurants and wholesalers of food.

We propose the best tailored logistics solutions to different customers, in order to cope with the rapidly changing market and satisfy customers' requirements to the largest extent.

Looking forward, World-link will continue to develop new source of customers. By then, we will further expand our business and help the company’s long-term growth.

Chairman / Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director
Yeung Kwong Fat