Warehouse Department

World-link’s experienced Warehouse Team has operation guidelines specified for different freights (including fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, wine, food, electronic components and clothing). Our warehouses are equipped with 24-hour anti-theft surveillance system, temperature and humidity control, as well as an advanced system to oversee all important warehouse procedures, so as to keep customers' freights in their best condition.

Transportation Department

World-link owns and contracts a number of lorries of various tonnage, including 24, 16, 5.5 and 2.9 tonnes or below. The vechicle fleet provides 24-hour transportation services, covering over 1,500 delivery destinations in Hong Kong. We deal with emergencies flexibly. Even during the Hong Kong dockworkers’ strike, staff of our transportation department could be flexibly arranged, in order to deliver the freights to the destination in a timely manner according to our customers’ requirements.

Packaging Department

Established more than 20 years ago, 'World-link Packing House Company Limited' repacks millions of goods each month, yet the damage rate was remarkably low at 0.0001% and outperformed its peers. World-link could arrange manpower on short notice to cater for customers’ special packaging requirements.

Human Resources & Administration Department

We organise staff information and monitor staff discipline through a comprehensive human resources system. Besides, we hold Christmas party, spring dinner and other staff activities to increase staff loyalty. We also raise employees’ awareness to occupational safety and maintain a safe workplace by providing regular training.

Shipping Department

Shipping Department provides sea, land and air transportation services, including switching of sea and air bill of lading, bulk-load and cargo towage, assembly and disassembly, shipping schedule inquiry and reservation, as well as assisting in the preparation of customs document. Through these complementary services, World-link presents all-rounded logistics solutions and relevant value-added services to enhance overall operation efficiency.

Quality Assurance Department

Quality management has always been a very important part of World-link. To cater for different operational needs, after discussion with the customer, we will tailor-make exclusive and rigorous standard operating procedures (SOP). Through comprehensive employee training and systematic quality control process, the department is committed to maintaining product and service quality to enhance overall efficiency. Employees responsible for quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA), which make up approximately 5% of our total staff, are in place to test the quality of goods. Outstanding employees are recognised through the monthly "Star of Quality" award.

Commercial Department

As a logistics service provider, World-link is committed to providing customers with tailor-made logistics solutions to meet different customers' needs. Our customer service team is always ready to provide the most personalised service and support. In addition, as the main communication channel with customers, Commercial Department will fully convey our service pledge to each employee, to maintain a high level of service quality and customer satisfaction with concerted efforts.